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3 Best Flamenco Guitars for 2024 (Beginner to Intermediate)

Updated: Feb 19


3 Best Flamenco Guitars for 2024 (Beginner to Intermediate)

As a professional guitarist with over 21 years of teaching and performance experience, I've played hundreds of guitars. After playing and teaching so much, I began recommending 3 classical guitars with great playability and consistently good sound about which my students have always given me excellent feedback. Here are my 3 favorite beginner to intermediate flamenco guitars for 2024:

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Best Top-Tier Intermediate Concert Classical Guitar: Cordoba C12 SP ($2,149)


The Córdoba F10 is one of the best intermediate-level guitars I've played. Like all guitars I recommend, this one has great playability (i.e., it's comfortable), a great tone, good volume, and a nice attack. Like most traditional flamenco guitars, the F10 comes with a clear "golpeador" (tap-plate), low action, and is made with a solid spruce top and cypress sides/back which give it a bold and bright sound that typifies the sound of flamenco guitar. If you're at a high-intermediate level and/or starting to perform, this guitar is an excellent choice. It comes with a polyfoam hard case and Córdoba's excellent warranty.

Note: Most guitars beyond this price point are luthier-made, concert guitars ranging from $2,000-$20,000.


Best Beginner-Intermediate Rosewood Flamenco Guitar: Córdoba F7 Paco ($599)


Paco de Lucía played flamenco guitar on what was typically though of as a "Spanish classical guitar" (i.e., spruce top and rosewood sides/back). Rosewood produces a darker sound and more sustain than does cypress -- brighter sound with more attack and less sustain. If you prefer a darker, warmer sound, the Córdoba F7 is the way to go. It has surprisingly good volume for the price and is very good playability. An excellent choice for beginner to intermediate flamenco guitarists.

The F7 comes with a golpeaodr (tap-plate), low action, a solid spruce top, and rosewood sides/back. This one comes with Córdoba's excellent warranty, but you'll have to buy a case separately.


Best Starter Flamenco Guitar: Yamaha CG172SF ($399)


This guitar is, without a doubt, the best starter flamenco guitar I've played. I recommend this one more than any other guitar and like it so much that I even got one for my mom. For a beginner guitar at under $500, it has a pleasant tone, great volume, and good playability. It comes with a golpeador (tap-plate), low action, a spruce top, and cypress sides/back. The fretboard is rosewood rather than ebony, but still lasts a pretty long time. Make sure to buy a case for this one.


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