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Zyryab (Flamenco Guitar)

Zyryab (fandango abandolao + jazz). Composed by Paco de Lucia (1947-2014, Spain) and performed by Paco de Lucía & his famous septet of incredible musicians.

Zyryab, and fusion of the flamenco fandango abandolao style and jazz, is one of Paco Lucia‘s most famous works. This piece was first published in Paco de Lucia‘s album also titled Zyryab in 1990 and it featured jazz artist Chick Corea and virtuoso Flamenco guitarist Manolo Sanlucar. The title of both the piece and the album are “named after Ziryab, a 9th-century Persian artist who is credited with introducing the Arabic oud to Spain" (Wikipedia) which was the foundation for the creation of the vihuela, precursor to the modern Spanish guitar.

The flamenco style of fandango abandolao is characterized by a 3/4 meter with a rhythm that looks like this:


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