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Ventanas al Alma & En Los Trigales

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Ventanas al Alma (minera). Composed and performed by Vicente Amigo. The minera is another style of flamenco music that belongs to the "Cantes de Levante" styles within the “fandango natural” family. These fandangos are written without a time signature and are played ad libitum even though the flamenco fandango is originally a 3/4 style with a clear tempo. Mineras are traditionally written in the key of Ab Spanish Phrygian and are characterized by the use the Ab Andalucian Cadence and a strong, expressive quality that sounds almost improvisational.

• Flamenco Guitar •


En Los Trigales (1938). Composed by Joaquin Rodrigo Vidre and performed by Nora Bushman. Joaquin Rodrigo was a Spanish composer and piano virtuoso who was most famous for his composition, Concierto De Aranjuez, which was written for guitar and orchestra. That said, he also wrote many works for solo guitar (among other instruments), this one being one of the most popular. What’s most fascinating about Rodrigo is that he became completely blind by age 3 (from diptheria) and the majority of his compositions (including this one) were impressionistic. Rodrigo’s wife — poet and pianist — described images to him very poetically which allowed Rodrigo to compose his works with a particular image in mind. “Los Trigales” means “The Wheat Fields."

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