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Tomodachi (Flamenco)

Updated: Jul 10

This week's flamenco performance is Tomodachi, a flamenco fandango abandola’o by Juan Gómez “Chicuelo.” Unfortunately, I could not find a good live version of the fandango, but I hope you can still appreciate the studio version here.

I encourage you to listen to this recording twice: first for pure enjoyment and second — on a different day — to listen closely to the expressiveness of the performance. In both cases, really make time to do this so that you can dedicate your attention to the recording rather than have it playing as background music. Think of this as if you were going to watch a live concert. Then find a relaxing place to sit where you won’t be disturbed, turn up the volume, and listen with your eyes closed.

Tomodachi (fandango abandola'o). Composed and performed by Juan Gómez, "Chicuelo."

The flamenco fandango abandolado ("abandola'o") is a 3/4 style often written & performed using Spanish Phrygian, major or minor key centers. Its origins lie in the Spanish folkloric fandango which came into existence in the early 1700s -- about 150 years before flamenco was recognized as a genre. The folkloric version of the fandango eventually evolved into 3 sub-styles: 1) the fandango abandola'o, 2) the fandango de Huelva, and 3) the fandangos naturales (i.e., ad libitum). It's important to know that the fandango is the foundation for many styles of flamenco music including the soleá, the polo, caña, and several others.

The flamenco style of fandango abandola'o is characterized by a 3/4 meter with a rhythm that looks like this:


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