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The Best Silent and Travel Flamenco & Classical Guitar (2024)

Updated: Feb 19

The Best Silent-Travel Flamenco & Classical Guitar for 2024

As a professional guitarist with over 21 years of teaching and performance experience, I've tried quite a few travel/silent nylon-string guitars. Most have been very uncomfortable except for one. Here is my absolute favorite silent-travel classical or flamenco guitar (2024):

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Best Silent/Travel Classical or Flamenco Gutiar Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG200NW ($749)


This Yamaha "silent" travel guitar is truly a joy to play for both classical and flamenco guitar. It has a 650mm scale length and 52mm wide nut -- hence "SLG200NW" -- which is perfect for classical and flamenco. The tap-plate is great for flamenco and the action is fairly low, making it very easy to play.

The upper bout detaches for travel and the guitar comes with a nice, heavily padded case. It's thin enough that I can usually throw it on top of the carry-on bags in the overhead.

As a bonus (option), you can plug it into an amp or use headphones to listen to yourself. But, you can hear it just fine otherwise.

The only downside is that the body is pretty thin. is a travel guitar so that's to be expected and doesn't diminish my view of the instrument.

This is a must for anyone who wants a compact travel and "silent" classical/flamenco guitar; especially if you stay in a hotel and don't want to bother the neighbors or if you want to practice late at night without bothering anyone.


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