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El Vito (José de Azpiazu)

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Hi everyone! Today’s piece from the Student Repertoire Series is José Azpiazu’s “El Vito.” You can see past Student Repertoire pieces here.

This was a really fun video to make and one that I’ve wanted to record for some time. El Vito is an intermediate, level 2 piece. I like this piece because of its memorable melody and because it helps us practice our picados (alternating free and rest strokes with I&M), a bit of counterpoint and some strumming (rasgueados). The piece sounds really nice at various speeds and the techniques are all very basic so it’s a great piece for higher level beginners and early to advanced level intermediate students. If you speed up the tempo it can easily become a more advanced piece.

Please take a look at the slow section to help you work out any questionable spots you may have.

Remember to click the “Like” button to help promote my channel and please share this video with any musicians who you think could benefit from the content. Consider subscribing as well if you haven’t already. Thank you again and enjoy! Note: *Due to my long-standing hand injury, you may notice some tiny mistakes in the performance. Although I could have likely cleaned them up with a 2nd or 3rd take, I wanted to leave them in this recording because I think it’s important to see that even with a few small mistakes the energy and delivery is still present. I’m actually quite happy with the expression of the piece so for me this is good to go!



• Vocal Mic Adapter NEEDED (Acacia LIZ-HW Hardwired Headset Microphone Adapter - TA4F to XLR)

• Guitar Mic (Neumann KM184):

• Headphones (Sony MDR-CD900ST):

• Speakers (Rokit 8):

• Speaker Cables (WBC 1/4 inch)

• Mic Cable (Mogami)

• Mic Stand (K&M Low Level)

• Camera: iPhone 12 Pro

• Camera iPhone Tripod w/ level (Ubeesize 50-in)

• Lighting Kit (Neewer 660LED)

• Audio Interface (Apogee Duet 3)


GUITAR GEAR I USE & RECOMMEND • Guitar (Marshall Bruné Custom Flamenco-Classical)

• Guitar Support (ErgoPlay Tappert)

• Strings (D’Addario EJ45C)

• String Winder (D’Addario)

• Guitar Stand (Gleam)

• Capo (Shubb Classical)


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