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Rasgueado: Pulgar (Thumb)

Do THIS to play the Thumb Rasgueado Correctly for Flamenco & Classical Guitar. This video includes 3 exercises and close up views to help you develop your rasgueado (strum) with your right thumb (”P”).

The rasgueado with “P” may sound simple, but when done incorrectly, it sounds forced, choppy, too percussive and too loud. This video will help you develop a balanced sound with a good tone. To execute this technique, the thumb (p) strums down using forearm rotation and/or arm movement downward depending on the kind of thumb rasgueado you decide to use (i.e., flesh or nail).

*IMPORTANT: Make sure to avoid unnecessary tension since this will cause injury and give you diminishing results. Always start slowly and loosely; never force technique beyond your tension threshold.* Be sure to check out the other videos in the Rasgueado Series here:

**Please remember to click "LIKE" in the video in YouTube so that it appears higher in search results. And please share with anyone you know who is learning or would like to learn flamenco or classical guitar. Thanks!

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