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Prelude in C Minor & Al Niño Miguel

Prelude in C Minor. Composed by Agustin Barrios (1885–1944, Paraguay) and performed by Valeria Galimova.

This beautiful work by Barrios was inspired by Chopin. It is a very expressive piece that often incorporates rest strokes in the highest melodic note during the arpeggios. There is one modulation in the piece (i.e., C minor to F minor and back). Pay particular attention to the wide dynamic range and tempo variations in Galimova’s very expressive performance.


Al Niño Miguel (fandango de huelva). Composed and performed by Rafael Riqueni.

The Fandango is a family of styles in flamenco that has 3 sub-styles: 1) fandango abandola'o, 2) fandango natural, and 3) fandango de Huelva — the latter is the style we’re looking at today. The fandango de Huelva was developed in the province of Huelva, Spain originally as a form of folkloric music. As with all folkloric-based flamenco music, the flamenco version of this style is distinguished by virtuosity in the voice and guitar as well as a wide harmonic palette. Rafael Riqueni’s instrumental composition of this style was a revolutionary piece in its day and has been a source of inspiration for hundreds of modern fandangos de Huelva. (Unfortunately, I could not find a good-quality live version.)


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