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P-MA-P Triplet Abanico Rasgueado: #1

This video includes 9 exercises to help you develop your P-AM-P or P-M-P rasgueado correctly.

One of the most exciting sounds of flamenco is the triplet rasgueado. There are several rasgueado techniques that we can use to produce triplets including extension-contraction rasgueados as well as rotation rasgueados. Today I’ll discuss one of two rotations rasgueados that are used to play triplets: the P-AM-P or P-M-P rasgueado.

This rasgueado is played using a combination of rotation and extension. To execute this technique, the thumb (p) strums up using forearm rotation, followed by a light extension with either the middle finger (m) or both the middle and the ring fingers (am), and finished with a rotational strum down with the thumb again (p).

A good practice is to chain movements together 1-2 at a time to form longer and longer phrases. Try using a combination of slow and fast movements: slow to learn and correct and fast to test and increase speed.

*IMPORTANT: Make sure to avoid unnecessary tension since this will cause injury and give you diminishing results.

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