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Op. 8, No 3 (Classical Guitar)

Updated: Jul 17

Opus 3, No. 8 (vals). Composed by Agustín Barrios (1855-1944, Paraguay) and performed by Raphaël Feuillâtre.

Word on the street is that guitarist, John Williams, called Agustín Barrios “the best of the lot” with regard to both performance and composition. Barrios was a concert guitarist and prolific composer of the classical guitar having composed over 300 works. His compositions for guitar are considered some of the most interesting and innovative across all eras of the genre. La Catedral, for example, is one of the most celebrated classical guitar works in history.

This particular waltz (Op 8, No. 3) has a very simple melody that is enriched by innovative harmonies and counterpoint throughout. Feuillâtre's interpretation is one of the most expressive I’ve ever seen.


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