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Op 6, No 11 (Classical Guitar)

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Op. 6, No 11 (study). Composed by Fernando Sor (1778-1839, Spain) and performed by Uros Baric.

Sor was a virtuosic classical guitarist and a prolific composer who was best known for his solo guitar compositions (although he also wrote for piano and opera). Sor is probably most known, in the classical guitar world, as a pedagogue having written several popular studies still used today for guitarists of all levels. These include his Twelve Studies (Op. 6), Twelve Studies (Op. 29), 24 Progressive Lessons (Op. 31), and 24 Very Easy Exercises (Op. 35). Aside from his didactic material, Sor also composed one of the most respected and difficult works in the classical guitar concert repertoire: "Introduction and Variations on Mozart's "Das klinget so herrlich" (Op. 9). Please pay particular attention to how Baric (the guitarist) varies his tone and expression throughout the piece.


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