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Mallorca & El Montañes

Mallorca (Op. 202). Composed by Isaac Albéniz (Spain, 1860-1909) and performed by Bryan Fasola

Albéniz was a virtuoustic pianist, composer and conductor known best for his Spanish themed piano works (e.g., Asturias, Granada, Cádiz, Córdoba, Sevilla, etc.). Most of Albéniz works were transcribed for guitar by Francisco Tárrega and Miguel Llobet including this piece (Mallorca). All of Albéniz' city-named works make up 8 movements in his famous work titled "Suite Española."


El Montañes (tanguillo). Composed & performed by Pedro Javier González with percussionist Paquito González.

You may remember from a previous post that the tanguillo is a style of flamenco based on popular choral music sung in Cádiz's annual Carnaval festival. Originally the difference between the flamenco tanguillo & the Carnaval version was just the key -- the choral versions were in major or minor keys and the flamenco version was in a modal key (e.g., Spanish Phrygian). Nowadays, the flamenco tanguillo is characterized mostly by virtuosity and harmonic complexity (rather than by key center) in both instrumental and vocal performances.


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