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Malagueña y Abandolao (Flamenco Guitar)

Malagueña y Abandolao (trad.). Performed by Manuel Cerpa.

The flamenco malagueña has its roots in the 18th-century Spanish tirana & fandango bolero -- 2 popular dances of the era which were sung and danced in 3/4 time. The flamenco malagueña is simply a fandango from Malaga but without rhythm or tempo (i.e., ad libitum). This particular piece played by 16-year-old Manuel Cerpa closes the malagueña with another flamenco style called the abandolao (a.k.a., fandango abandolao). This style is a rhythmic fandango de Malaga which utilizes the same exact rhythm of the Spanish bolero.


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