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La Vida Breve & Callejón de Luna

La Vida Breve (Danza e Interludio - Danza Española No 1).Composed by Manuel de Falla (1876-1946) & performed by Edson Lopes.

This is another iconic piece in the classical guitar repertoire which was originally written by Manuel de Falla as an opera c.1904. The opera is apparently quite long and this piece is from scene 1 of the work. It has since been transcribed for multiple instruments.


Callejón de Luna (taranta). Composed and performed by Vicente Amigo.

The taranta style of flamenco belongs to the family of Cantes de Levante (i.e., songs from Levante) from the eastern region of Spain where it seems the style originated. Like most flamenco, the taranta was originally created for guitar and voice. It is a direct descendant of the Spanish fandango but with no meter or tempo (i.e., ad libitum) and is often played in very dissonant modes (e.g., F# Flamenco & Ab Flamenco). Guitarist Ramón Montoya (1879-1949) was the first to pave the way for instrumental versions of this style.


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