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Toda una Rumba & Lágrima

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Here are the Inspirational Performances for 3/6/22. Please try to listen to, or watch them, when you really have uninterrupted time to enjoy the music. And please share with anyone you think would enjoy it too.

Diego Alonso | Music


Todo Una Rumba (by Paco de Lucía) arranged & performed by José Manuel León & José Carlos Gómez. The Rumba is a flamenco party style derived from the Cuban guaracha. It's a 4/4 stye similar to the flamenco tango but generally faster and played in any key. This piece is an arrangement of many of Paco de Lucía's most famous rumbas.

(Flamenco Guitar)


Lágrima (by Francisco Tárrega) performed by Tavi Jinariu. This is a standard in the classical guitar repertoire written between 1891-2 and is often played as a prélude in concert settings. Tárrega was considered one of the most influential composers and teachers of the classical guitar. (He was also flamenco guitarist Miguel Borrull's teacher & friend. Borrull was the first to incorporate classical guitar techniques into flamenco guitar.)

(Classical Guitar)


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