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Romance & Guajiras de Lucía

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Here are the Inspirational Performances for 2/12/22. Please try to listen to, or watch them, when you really have uninterrupted time to enjoy the music. And please share with anyone you think would enjoy it too.

Diego Alonso | Music


Romance (by Anonymous), played by Christopher Parkening. "Romance" is one of the most recognized and popular classical guitar pieces in history. It is a beautiful standard in the classical repertoire and is considered an "Beginner-Intermediate" piece. Christopher Parking is also one of the super-stars in the classical guitar world.

(Classical Guitar)


Guajiras de Lucía (by Paco ce Lucía) performed by Luciano Ghosn. "Guajiras" is another flamenco style played in a major key and characterized by a 12-beat rhythm with accents on 3, 6, 8, 10 & 12 -- counting starts on the 12. This is one of Paco de Lucías most famous solo guitar pieces and probably one of his most challenging. Luciano Ghosn is one of my favorite new guitarists.

(Flamenco Guitar)


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