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El Noi de la Mare & Morente

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Here are the Inspirational Performances for 3/13/22. Please try to listen to, or watch them, when you really have uninterrupted time to enjoy the music. And please share with anyone you think would enjoy it too.

Diego Alonso | Music


El Noi de la Mare (trad.) Transcribed by Miguel Llobet; performed by Edson Lopes. This traditional Catalán Christmas song -- which means "Child of the Mother" -- was made popular by Andrés Segovia. It's typically played "rubato" (i.e., with loose tempo) and very expressively.

(Classical Guitar)


Morente (Granaína) composed and performed by Vicente Amigo. The "Granaína" is a Fandango from Granada. It is always sung and/or played with an ad libitum tempo (freely played) although the underlying meter is 3/4. Most granaínas are played in the scale of B Spanish Phrygian. This particular granaína is dedicated to the late flamenco singer, Enrique Morente (who was from Granada).

(Flamenco Guitar)


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