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Copla de Lucía & Verano Porteño

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Here are the Inspirational Performances for 2/20/22. Please try to listen to, or watch them, when you really have uninterrupted time to enjoy the music. And please share with anyone you think would enjoy it too.

Diego Alonso | Music


Copla de Lucía (Tangos) played & composed by José Carlos Gómez. The flamenco tangos is characterized by its 4/4 meter, rhythm and accents on 2 & 4. Harmonically most traditional flamenco tangos are written in the Spanish Phrygian mode although there are also tangos written in minor and major keys. This modern Tangos is one of my favorites. You can hear the studio version with percussion here.

(Flamenco Guitar)


Verano Porteño (by Astor Piazzolla) performed by Brandon Acker. Originally written for viola, guitar, piano, double bass and electric guitar, this piece has been transcribed and performed quite a bit for classical solo guitar. The piece is part of Piazzolla's suite titles Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas. (Classical Guitar)


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