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Café Piñero & Soleares

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Here are the Inspirational Performances for 4/3/22. Please try to listen to, or watch them, when you really have uninterrupted time to enjoy the music. And please share with anyone you think would enjoy it too.

Diego Alonso | Music


Café Piñero (Bulería por Soleá) composed & performed by José Carlos Gómez. The style of "bulería por soleá" (a.k.a., "soleá por bulería") is basically a slowed down bulería. In effect, the tempo is somewhere between a bulería and a soleá. It is a 12-count style with accents typically on the 3, 7, 8, 10 & 12. To hear a beautiful version with flamenco singing, click here:

(Flamenco Guitar)


Soleares (by Joaquín Turina) performed by Taso Comanescu. Turina was a versatile classical composer who was heavily inspired by traditional Andalucían music. His "Soleares" is titled after, and influenced by, a style of flamenco also called soleares which is uses a 12-beat rhythm.

(Classical Guitar)


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