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How to Play Trémolo

The Complete Tremolo Tutorial for Beginners.

In this video I show 3 different trémolos: 1) the classical trémolo (4-note), 2) the flamenco trémolo (5-note), and 3) a popular 3-note trémolo. This video is intended for beginner to intermediate students. All demonstrations break down the fundamental components and correct movements of this technique. I also included several exercises and practice strategies to help you improve correctly.

Even though the exercises and demonstrations in this video are limited to the classical tremolo, you should also practice them using the flamenco tremolo and the three-note tremolo.

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that you work on this technique very slowly. Your initial goals should be to play this with minimal physical effort, relaxation, precision, and a good tone. Never push your tempo too soon. If you feel tense or make several mistakes, you need to reduce your tempo to correct your mistakes right away. Going too fast too soon could result in diminishing returns and injury.

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