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Entre Dos Aguas (Flamenco Guitar)

Entre Dos Aguas (rumba). Composed & performed by Paco de Lucía (1947-2014, Spain) and his ensemble.

I'm not sure what else to say about Paco de Lucía than what has already been said by so many others. Paco was a revolutionary of flamenco guitar in every way imaginable. He was and continues to be an inspiration for many players (amateur to professional). In fact, it's because of a CD I heard by Paco de Lucía that I decided to pursue flamenco guitar 24 years ago. I was also fortunate to have met him and spoken with him at both Chicago's O'Hare airport and Madrid's Barajas airport -- we were on the same flight to Spain! This piece, Entre Dos Aguas, is considered to be Paco's most popular composition which, apparently, was largely improvised.


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