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Ejercicio No. 9 (José Ferrer)

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Hi everyone! Today’s piece from the Student Repertoire Series is José Ferrer’s “Ejercicio No. 9.” You can see past Student Repertoire pieces here.

Ejercicio No. 9 (exercise no 9) by José Ferrer Esteve de Fujadas is a Spanish classical guitar piece from the student repertoire series. José Ferrer was a late 19th century Spanish composer and guitarist who studied guitar initially from his father and then later with guitarist and composer José Brocá. And while most of Ferrer’s compositions were dedicated to guitar, he also wrote quite a bit for piano. The piece for today, Ejercicio No 9, was part of his 12th Collection of Exercises for guitar. You can download this piece from the Petrucci Music Library or you can just search on Google. This is a public domain piece so you should easily find a version in both notation in tab by searching google.

Like always I play the piece at a performance tempo first and then do a close up at a slow tempo so you can see the details. Please use the slow section to work out any trouble spots that you may have. This is a relatively easy beginner piece (level 2-3) that is super fun to play and can be very expressive..



• Vocal Mic Adapter NEEDED (Acacia LIZ-HW Hardwired Headset Microphone Adapter - TA4F to XLR)

• Guitar Mic (Neumann KM184):

• Headphones (Sony MDR-CD900ST):

• Speakers (Rokit 8):

• Speaker Cables (WBC 1/4 inch)

• Mic Cable (Mogami)

• Mic Stand (K&M Low Level)

• Camera: iPhone 12 Pro

• Camera iPhone Tripod w/ level (Ubeesize 50-in)

• Lighting Kit (Neewer 660LED)

• Audio Interface (Apogee Duet 3)


GUITAR GEAR I USE & RECOMMEND • Guitar (Marshall Bruné Custom Flamenco-Classical)

• Guitar Support (ErgoPlay Tappert)

• Strings (D’Addario EJ45C)

• String Winder (D’Addario)

• Guitar Stand (Gleam)

• Capo (Shubb Classical)


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