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Chiquitita (Flamenco Guitar)

Chiquitita (bulería por soleá). Composed & performed by Antón Jiménez.

The bulería por soleá (a.k.a., soleá por bulería, bulerías al golpe & bulerías para escuchar) was developed somewhere between the mid- to late 1800s. It is rhythmically and harmonically almost identical to the soleá but performed at a faster tempo (between 130-170 BPM). Melodically, the bulería por soleá is notably different from the soleá although both styles are played in modal tonalities -- the bulería por soleá is typically played in A or E Spanish Phrygian depending on the singer's range. This instrumental version by Antón Jiménez is one of my favorites. Enjoy!


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