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Canarios (Classical Guitar)

Canarios. Composed by Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710) and performed by John Williams.

The canarios was a popular dance from 16th-17th century Europe that has its origins in the folkloric dances from the Canary Islands (Spain). Composer Gaspar Sanz wrote this piece for the Baroque guitar which had 5 pairs of strings -- paired in unison during Sanz' time. The original piece was written in TAB for Baroque guitar and can be found in Sanz' method book titled “Instrucción de Música Sobre la Guitarra Epsañola.” It has since been arranged and edited for the modern 6-string classical guitar with the most notable edition by Emilio Pujol. Canarios is considered a standard in the classical guitar repertoire. Here, John Williams plays Pujol's arrangement (with as little effort as humanly possible)


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