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Callejón de Muro (Flamenco Guitar)

Callejón de Muro (minera). Composed and perfomed by Paco de Lucía (1947-2014, Spain).

The minera is another style of flamenco music that belongs to the "Cantes de Levante" styles within the “fandango natural” family. These fandangos are written without a time signature and are played ad libitum even though the flamenco fandango is originally a 3/4 style with a clear tempo. Mineras are traditionally written in the key of Ab Spanish Phrygian and are characterized by the use the Ab Andalucían Cadence (i.e., C#m - B - A - Ab) and a strong, expressive quality that sounds almost improvisational. This particular minera was one of the first I Iearned and one of my favorites!


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