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BWV 1007 & Nuevo Horizonte

Cello Suite, Prélude No. 1 in D - BWV 1007. Composed J.S. Bach (1685-1750), transcribed by Emilio Pujol (1886-1980), and performed by John Feeley.

This piece is a prélude originally written for unaccompanied cello in the mid-1700s as part of 6 more cello suites by Bach which are all based on Baroque era dances (except for the preludes). These cello suites are considered some of the most important classical works in history and have been transcribed for various instruments. It's important to know that the original scores had no expressive markings so it is up to the performer to add his or her own expression to each piece -- which I think makes playing it much more fun! Enjoy!


Nuevo Horizonte (rumba). Composed & performed by Antonio Rey with his ensemble.

The flamenco rumba belongs to a family of flamenco musical styles called cantes de ida y vuelta (i..e., round-trip songs) pointing to the fusion of music between Spain and Central and South America (esp. Cuba). In fact, the closest "relatives" to the flamenco rumba are the Cuban guaracha (hua-ra-cha) and the Cuban papalote -- both being Cuban rumbas. The flamenco rumba was a fusion between the flamenco tango and the Cuban rumba and took shape in Spain in the early 20th century. Here Antonio Rey and his ensemble perform a very melodic and energetic instrumental rumba. Enjoy!


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