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BWV 1006a & Silla y El Tiempo

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

BWV 1006a (Prelude). Composed by J.S. Bach and performed by Stephanie Jones. This piece originally came from Bach’s BWV 1006 Partita III for Solo Violin. Bach actually transcribed his own violin partita (BWV 1006) to create his Lute Suite (BWV 1006a) which was later transcribed from lute to guitar most likely by Andrés Segovia. This is a very complex piece both musically and technically and Stephanie Jones performs it incredibly well. Please pay very close attention to how relaxed she is and how expressive she plays. • (Classical Guitar) •


Silla y el Tiempo (Farruca). Composed and performed by Vicente Amigo. The farruca is another style in the flamenco genre which belongs to the flamenco tangos family. Its origins are unclear but most musicologists point to the pre-flamenco Spanish zarzuelafrom theater music as its probably precursor. As a flamenco style it was originally created for dance, voice and guitar but throughout the years the voice has become less present in the style. As much as I wish I had live version with good audio of this piece, there just isn’t one out there. The best live version I could find is this one here. That said, this studio recording is amazing and one of my favorite farrucas for solo guitar so you’re sure to enjoy it anyway! • (Flamenco Guitar) •


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