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Breaks: Improve Faster & Prevent Injuries with these 4 Simple Strategies

Updated: Jul 14

This is a topic I am very passionate about because these strategies have been essential to my growth as a musician. Not only have they helped me deal with (and now avoid) many serious injuries and frustrations from my early guitar years, but they've also helped me improve faster and more musically than I would have ever imagined possible.

I wish I had learned these strategies early on but unfortunately, not many people teach them so I had to discover them on my own. I truly hope that you find these videos helpful. If you implement these strategies into your practice they will absolutely help you improve more efficiently and avoid the setbacks I went through.

The strategy for today covers the importance of taking frequent breaks during and between practice sessions. Taking breaks is a simple idea, but when you take them, how long they are, and what you do during the breaks can either be extremely helpful to your learning and injury prevention...or not. In this video I cover 4 categories: 1) Micro-Breaks, 2) Movement Breaks, 3) Long Breaks, and 4) Patience. This video is a bit longer than my usual videos but I feel that it’s important to share this information in detail to make sure that you apply these principles correctly. Enjoy!!


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