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Best Capos for Classical and Flamenco Guitar for 2024

Updated: Feb 16


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As a professional classical and flamenco guitarist with over 21 years of experience, I've tried a LOT of capos. Here is my absolute favorite capo of all time and still at the top of the list for 2024.

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Shubb CK2 Capo Noir Series for Classical and Flamenco Guitar - Noir - Black - Chrome - Brushed Silver


At this point in my music career, I've tried well over 20 different kinds of capos and always settle on the same Shubb CK2. What I love about this capo is that it's discrete, very easy to use, and presses the strings evenly. The last thing a capo needs to be is complex and gigantic. Throughout my years of comparing capos, the Shubb CK2 has been consistently reliable and has lasted me years. In fact, I still use the same capo from 20 years ago and now I have one in every guitar case plus one in my studio for practice! This capo is the best! (*Also comes in brushed silver or chrome)


Additional Capos

There are 5 capos that tend to compete with my favorite above: The traditional luthier capos, the strap capos, the clamp capos, the quick-release capos, and the dial capos. These 5 are perfectly fine but for me, the Shubb capo above is the clear winner. Here is a list of the 4 capos I recommend in case you'd like to try them:


Most links above are affilaite links. Although I have personally tried and recommend all of the items above, I also earn a very small commission from each of them. Commissions support my free YouTube channel and free educational blog. Please consider buying with the links above. Thank you for your support!


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