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Al Niño Miguel (Flamenco Guitar)

Al Niño Miguel (fandango de huelva). Composed and performed by Rafael Riqueni.

The Fandango is a family of styles in flamenco that has 3 sub-styles: 1) fandango abandola'o, 2) fandango natural, and 3) fandango de Huelva — the latter is the style we’re looking at today. The fandango de Huelva was developed in the province of Huelva, Spain originally as a form of folkloric music. As with all folkloric-based flamenco music, the flamenco version of this style is distinguished by virtuosity in the voice and guitar as well as a wide harmonic palette. Rafael Riqueni’s instrumental composition of this style was a revolutionary piece in its day and has been a source of inspiration for hundreds of modern fandangos de Huelva. (Unfortunately, I could not find a good-quality live version.)


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