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5 Best Cases for Classical & Flamenco Guitar (2024)

Updated: Feb 16


5 Best Cases for Classical & Flamenco Guitar (2024)


As a professional guitarist with over 21 years of teaching and performance experience, I've bought and tried tons of guitar cases. Here are my 5 favorite classical or flamenco guitar cases for all budgets for 2024:

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Best Top-Tier Flight Case for Classical or Flamenco Guitar - Crossrock Air-Carbon


This is the case to buy if you own a priceless, luthier-made, concert guitar. It's incredibly strong and strategically designed to protect the most expensive and delicate instruments. Besides the security I feel when using this case for travel, I love the light weight (6 lbs), the TSA lock, the backpack straps, the plush padding, and the fact that it comes with a case-cover to keep the case from getting scratched. If you're looking for the best flight case for your concert guitar, this is it!


Best Mid-Range Flight Case for Classical & Fla,enco Gutiar -  Crossrock Poly Carbon


If you're lookign for a great flight case under $1000 for your concert guitar, this is one of my favorites. The Crossrock Poly-Carbon case is just a tiny bit heavier (8 lbs) than the Air Carbon (6 lbs) and is made with scratch-resistant poly-carbon. If you're not lugging your guitar around all the time, the slightly heavier weight isn't an issue. The Poly-Carbon case is definitnely strong enough to be a flight case although, from my assessment, not quite as strong as the Air-Carbon. The Poly-Carbon case comes standard with TSA locks, nice padding, and backpack straps. Unfortuantely, no case-cover but the scratch resistant shell keeps the case looking pretty good for a long time.


Best Fiberglass Hard Case Crossrock Deluxe Fiberglass  for Classical and Flamenco Guitars


If you don't need flight-case strength and security but want the best protection for your guitar for daily use, storage, road-trips, or gigs, the Crossrock Fiberglass case is the clear winner. It's made with a hard, reinforced fiberglass shell and thick interior padding to keep your guitar safe it it gets bumped around a bit. Like the other Crossrock casses, this one comes with comfortable backpack straps, but no case cover.


Best "Budget" Hard Case for Classical or Flamenco Guitar - Gator Molded Flight Case


The Gator Flight Case may not be the cheapest "budget" hard case out here, but it's certainly the best budget case for 3 important reasons. The first is the military-grade polyethylene shell which is tough enough for most normal, daily use. The second reason is the interior foam + plush lining which keeps the guitar pretty stable. And the third, and most important reason is that it has an air-tight seal -- not waterproof -- which is crucial for keeping the humidtiy in your case constant so that your guitar doesn't crack.

Note: this case is strong enough for travel for most beginner to intermediate guitars, but I wouldn't use it with my luthier, concert guitar. Although the case is pretty tough and comes standard with a TSA lock, the exterior gives just a little too much for my comfort and the interior is not quite as snug and soft as I prefer for maximum protection. Nevertheless, it's a solid case that I highly recommend.


Best Soft Case Gig Bag for Classical or Flamenco Guitars - Cahaya 41" Acoustic Guitar Bag


This is the case that every beginner should have. It's super cheap, comfortable, and adds just the right amount of protection for beginner to early-intermediate guitars. The exterior is water-resistant and the interior has 0.35 inches of soft padding. Plus the case comes standard with backpack straps and 2 pockets: one for music or a foot stool, and one for accessories (e.g., strings or a capo). This is the case I recommend most for beginners.


The Links above are affilaite links. Although I have personally tried and recommend all of the items above, I also earn a very small commission from each of them. Commissions support my free YouTube channel and free educational blog. Please consider buying with the links above. Thank you for your support!


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