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11 Ways to Memorize Your Music

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

In this video, I cover 11 science-based reasons we have trouble memorizing music in the practice room as well as strategies that we can use to improve our long-term memorization of music. These reasons include not listening enough, serial vs. additive and holistic practice, mnemonics, spaced practice, blocked vs. interleaved practice, variable practice, elaboration, reflection, calibration, generation, retrieval practice, and too much stress.

Make sure to take a look at the description in the YouTube video for references and useful information. I also highly recommend buying and reading the book Make It Stick. It's awesome and I know it will help you a ton with your memorization.

WARNING: I move pretty quickly in this video so make sure to pause during or after each topic to make sure you understand each point well. During these pauses, imagine how you can implement each strategy into your practice routine. This will help personalize the strategies mentioned and help you internalize the information. I also recommend taking notes while watching. Have a notebook and pen handy and write down the key point for each topic. Then write down an example of how you can use each topic in your own practice.

Please remember to click LIKE in the video and share it with others to help promote my channel and to help other musicians! Thanks, and Enjoy!

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