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Rates & Lesson  Policy


Lesson Policy

Attendance & Scheduling

  • Lessons may be scheduled as desired, although for best results weekly lessons are highly recommended.

  • Scheduling priority is given to students who purchase 5-lesson packages for weekly lessons.

  • Lesson length availability varies on different days. Please inquire.

  • Lessons must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance.

  • A notice of at least 24-hours is required for cancellations. Lessons cancelled within 24-hours will be charged at the full lesson fee and cannot credited (except for emergencies).

Payment Policy

  • After a trial lesson, a 5-lesson series is highly recommended when starting.

  • Lessons must be prepaid at least 7 days in advance to guarantee your lesson dates/times. 

  • Lessons are billed one at a time at the single lesson rate. If you complete 5 lessons within 8 weeks, your 5th lesson will be prorated to match the 5-lesson series price (e.g., $75, $75, $75, $75, $50).

  • The following payment types are accepted: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Cash, Checks and Cash. PayPal payments are no longer accepted due to their very high (6%) transaction fees.

  • Discounted rates are offered for cash and free EFT payments with Apple Cash & Zelle.

  • Regular rates (e.g., with a credit card) are 3.6% higher than the discounted rates posted above. Payments via Venmo are 2.5% higher. 

Lesson Locations​

  • Private lessons are given online (Zoom, Skype or FaceTime) or in person in Miami, FL.

  • Lectures, workshops, master classes and clinics are given online via Zoom or in person at music schools, high schools, conservatories or universities.

Improvement Expectations

Diego Alonso emphasizes effective practice strategies so that students can improve safely, quickly and correctly. Recommended practice times vary per student (e.g., 30 minutes/day to 3 hours/day for 3-6 days/wk) but the keys for improvement are consistency (i.e., 3-6 days/wk, every week), relaxation, patience, high concentration & minimal physical effort. Significant improvement will not happen if you only practice once a week, are in a hurry to improve, practice with tension or practice without good concentration. Results cannot be guaranteed if proper practice strategies are not followed. We will discuss proper practice strategies in each lesson.

Included in Each Lesson (*Active Students Only)

  • A customized practice plan on the first lesson which is updated in each lesson.

  • An email summary of important lesson notes that includes science based practice strategies from performance psychology, technique notes, repertoire notes and practice reminders.

  • PDFs and/or audio files of exercises, etudes, falsetas, repertoire, harmony and/or music theory.

  • Video recordings (Zoom) of new material including exercises, etudes, falsetas, pieces, repertoire sections and breakdowns of challenge spots ("CSs").

  • Inspirational classical and flamenco "performance of the week" emails every Sunday with  educational information about each performance.

  • Between Lessons: Students are encouraged to email me if there are questions about lesson material before the next lesson.

Injury Policy

Trying too hard, being in a hurry to improve and worrying about errors -- yes, you read that right -- will significantly slow progress slow and will result in injury. Above all else, Diego Alonso stresses safe & efficient practice strategies focused on preventing injury. It is extremely important to be very patient with progress and to play with as much relaxation as possible in your hands, fingers, arms, wrists, body AND mind. The amount of effort you should use in both hands and in your body should be between 1-3 (where 1 = almost no effort and 10 = too much effort). 

Maintaining the most natural posture possible while playing, spacing out practice sessions, taking frequent breaks and NOT over-practicing are crucial to injury prevention and improvement. Trying too hard to improve quickly (e.g., doing too many repetitions, playing for too long and not taking enough breaks) will push your body far beyond its natural physical and mental limits and guarantees serious and potentially permanent injuries. It is of utmost importance that each student listen to his or her body for signs of anxiety, excess tension, discomfort, pain and/or fatigue when playing/practicing and to stop immediately to address these signs even if the recommended or desired practice time has not been reached.


It is the student's responsibility to follow instructions regarding injury prevention and relaxation strategies. Neither Diego Alonso, Diego Alonso Music, the Sonanta School of Music, Spanish Guitar Mastery, Sonanta LLC or any affiliates shall be held responsible for any student's repetitive stress or guitar related injuries.

Lesson Rates

Single Trial Lesson

  • 30 Minutes = $50

  • 45 Minutes = $60

  • 60 Minutes = $70

5-Lesson Series (Weekly)

  • 30 Minutes = $250

  • 45 Minutes = $300

  • 60 Minutes = $350

  • 90 Minutes = $500

Single Lessons

  • 30 Minutes = $55

  • 45 Minutes = $65

  • 60 Minutes = $75

  • 90 Minutes = $105

* Rates above are discounted for cash or free EFT payments. Regular rates (e.g., Credit Cards, PayPal & Venmo) are 2.5% to 3.6%  higher.

Cancellations, Withdrawls & Refunds

Please note that lesson spots are reserved at least 7 days in advance. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at the full lesson rate. Exceptions will be made for emergencies. Excused lessons that are not made up within 30 days will be forfeited and cannot be refunded. Students who withdraw for any reason will be refunded for any lessons not attended so long as the withdrawal occurs more than 24 hours prior to any lesson.

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Hate Policy

It is the policy of Diego Alonso, Diego Alonso Music, the Sonanta School of Music, the Spanish Guitar Mastery course, and Sonanta LLC not to engage in discrimination, hate, bigotry, or harassment against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, disability, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, age, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or status as a protected veteran, and to comply with all federal and state nondiscrimination actions, orders, and regulations.

Diego Alonso, Diego Alonso Music, the Sonanta School of Music, the Spanish Guitar Mastery course and Sonanta LLC reserve the right to discontinue lessons immediately and permanently with any and all students who promote, attempt to promote, or are suspected of promoting, discriminatory and/or hate messages as stated above. 

Rates & Policy Agreement

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