Flamenco & Classical Guitar Lessons


My goals as a teacher & coach

I've specialized in flamenco and classical guitar for over 21 years and have taught and coached over 10,000 one-on-one lessons. In my personal journey as a guitarist I've had both good and bad teachers and know how frustrating it is to leave a lesson more confused than when you walked in. So when I began teaching in 2002 I promised myself that I would dedicate my lessons to explaining not only WHAT to practice but HOW to practice correctly. I am truly passionate about teaching and hope that I can help you create the most effective path toward your goal.

My education & experience

I earned a Masters degree in flamenco pedagogy, musicology and ethnomusicology ("Flamencología") from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) and my masters thesis analyzed and systematized expert performance strategies in flamenco guitar via pedagogical evolution, expert guitarist interviews and testimonials, and scientific research on learning ad expertise. My research has allowed me to effectively implement expert performance and expert practice strategies directly into my teaching.


As a guitarist and student of flamenco guitar, I lived in Sevilla, Spain for 3 years where I attended and graduated from the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco with highest honors in flamenco guitar performance. At the Fundación I studied daily with Pedro Sierra, Niño de Pura, Paco Cortés, Eduardo Rebollar, Pepa Sanchez, Javi Gomez, and Tino Van Der Sman and I have also taken numerous master classes and workshops with virtuosos such as Flavio Rodrigues, Juan Carmona, Jose Luis de la Paz, Miguel Angel Cortes and many others.

Although my main focus has been flamenco guitar I also have a strong background in classical guitar (Peter Aglinskas, Denis Azabagic) and jazz theory (John Moulder, David Bloom) and I enjoy teaching classical guitar and incorporating jazz theory concepts into my lessons.

Get in touch

​Contact me below for flamenco guitar lessons and classical guitar lessons online (English and Spanish). For online lessons I prefer using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and have had amazing success with these platforms. Online lessons have proven to be just as effective -- if not more effective -- as in-person lessons and all of my students love the benefits and convenience of learning guitar remotely. I highly recommend it!

"Diego is a fantastic teacher and guitarist. He is generous, patient, encouraging and effective. Diego has the ability to simplify difficult technique and break it down in simple terms. Diego has given me the key to succeed in this beautiful and challenging art form. I wholeheartedly recommend him!"

- Martin M. (M.A. Education, B.A. Guitar Performance)