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Flamenco & Classical Guitar Lessons


My goals as a teacher & coach

I've specialized in flamenco and classical guitar since 1999 and have taught and coached over 23,000 one-on-one lessons since 2002. In my journey as a guitarist, I've had good and bad teachers and know how frustrating it is to leave a lesson more confused than when you walked in. So when I began teaching I promised myself that I would dedicate my lessons to explaining not only WHAT to practice but HOW to practice correctly. I am passionate about teaching and hope to help you create the most effective path toward your goal.

My education & experience

I earned a Master's degree in flamenco education, musicology, and ethnomusicology ("Flamencología") from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain), and my master's thesis analyzed and systematized expert performance & practice strategies in flamenco guitar via pedagogical evolution, expert guitarist interviews, and scientific research on learning strategies, neuroscience, and performance psychology. My research has allowed me to effectively implement effective performance and practice strategies into my classical and flamenco guitar teaching.


As a performer and student of flamenco guitar, I lived in Sevilla, Spain for 3 years where I graduated from the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco with highest honors in flamenco guitar performance. At the Fundación I studied daily with Pedro Sierra, Niño de Pura, Paco Cortés, Eduardo Rebollar, Pepa Sanchez, Javi Gomez, and Tino Van Der Sman and I have also taken numerous master classes, lessons, and workshops with virtuosos such as Flavio Rodrigues, Juan Carmona, Jose Luis de la Paz, Miguel Angel Cortes, Fernando Moreno, Jose Luis Balao and many others.

Although my main focus has been flamenco guitar I also have a strong background in classical guitar (Peter Aglinskas, Denis Azabagic) and jazz theory (John Moulder, David Bloom) and I enjoy teaching classical guitar and incorporating jazz theory concepts into my lessons.

For My Students
My goal is to help my students improve as efficiently as possible. To make this possible I provide every student with the following material in addition to our lessons:

  • A customized practice plan on the first lesson that is updated in each lesson.

  • An email summary of important lesson notes.

  • PDFs and/or audio files of exercises, etudes, falsetas, repertoire, harmony, and/or music theory.

  • Video recordings of new material and breakdowns of challenge spots ("CSs").

  • Between Lessons: Students are encouraged to email me if there are questions about lesson material before the next lesson.

Lesson Material

In the early stages of classical and flamenco guitar we will cover much of the same material which will focus on developing a warm-up routine, fundamental techniques, musical expression, memorization strategies, and an efficient practice routine. We will explore various technical exercises and etudes (i.e., very short pieces focused on specific techniques), including works from Carulli, Giuliani, Sor, Carcassi, Tárrega, & Segovia. Eventually, we will work on longer pieces or sections of pieces for beginners like Lágrima (Tárrega), Carulli (Andantino in G), Sanz (Españoleta), Aguado (Wals), Soleá (Juan Martín), and others.

At an intermediate level, we will continue developing mechanical and expressive techniques with the same composers above as well as many flamenco composers -- for those interested in flamenco -- like Oscar Herrero, Manuel Granados, Juan Martín, Andrés Batista, and others. At this level, we will begin exploring more complex and musically rich pieces like Greensleeves (Anon.), Soleá (M. Granados), El Vito (Azpiazu), Taranta (Chicuelo), Milonga (Cardoso), Tangos (Moraito), Maria Luisa (Sagreras), Bulerías (Moraito), Romance Anónimo (Anon), and others. 

Once you are at an advanced level our focus will turn mostly to full concert pieces, although we will also continue to improve technique and work on performance strategies. Pieces at the advanced level include El Choclo (Villoldo), Guajiras (Paco de Lucía), Verano Porteño (Piazzolla), Punta y Tacón (Sabicas), Adelita (Tárrega), Recuerdos del Alhambra (Tárrega), Asturias/Leyenda (Albéniz), Alegrías (Vicente Amigo), Farruca (Vicente Amigo), and others. This level will focus greatly on expressive technique, practice strategies, & performance practice.

At all levels, we will practice performing very often since this is necessary to be able to play guitar well. Performances will not necessarily be live; most will be done on your recording device for yourself and for our lessons. That said, I strongly encourage live performances as well, which we can discuss in the lessons.

Get in touch

​Contact me below for flamenco or classical guitar lessons, lectures & workshops online or in Miami (English and Spanish). View my rates, lesson policy and availability here.

"Diego is a fantastic teacher and guitarist. He is generous, patient, encouraging and effective. Diego has the ability to simplify difficult technique and break it down in simple terms. Diego has given me the key to succeed in this beautiful and challenging art form. I wholeheartedly recommend him!"

- Martin M. (M.A. Education, B.A. Guitar Performance)

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