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Flamenco Guitar Lessons
Online & Miami

An effective, step-by-step, teaching method designed to help you understand and play solo flamenco guitar or accompaniment beautifully and confidently.

My Teaching Goals

In my journey as a flamenco guitarist, I learned from method books, sheet music, video lessons, and both good and bad teachers. With a genre as complex as flamenco, it was common for me to finish a learning session feeling excited and, ironically, more confused than when I started. 😵‍💫


There was so much information to learn but never a clear and systematic way to learn it. No one ever showed me how to practice and I often ended up with lots of fun, but random musical phrases that I didn't know what to do with. I was really excited about flamenco guitar, but I also felt stuck, frustrated, and confused a lot. So when I finally understood flamenco well and started teaching, I promised myself that I would dedicate my lessons to explaining both what and how to practice. In this way, my students could avoid the same hurdles I went through.

My goal has since been to help my students understand and play solo flamenco guitar and/or accompaniment beautifully and confidently. With that in mind, I developed a systematic teaching method and a structured, yet flexible, curriculum that has proven to be tremendously effective for all levels and goals. This system has even helped my busiest students progress despite only being able to practice once a week -- during their lessons! 

What You Get With Your Lessons

My goal is to help you truly understand flamenco and improve efficiently. To make this possible I'll provide you with the following material during, and in addition to our lessons:​​

  • A customized practice plan that we'll updated in each lesson.

  • In-lesson, personal training/coaching to make sure practice is efficient and progress is significant.

  • Expert practice strategies so you know how to effectively correct errors, overcome challenges, build speed, develop musicality, improve memorization, etc.

  • Expert performance strategies to help you combat performance anxiety, improve your stage presence, connect with your audience, project your music, minimize tension, and communicate your expressive intention.

  • Video recordings of new material and breakdowns of challenge spots ("CSs").

  • PDFs and/or audio files of exercises, etudes, falsetas, repertoire, harmony, and/or music theory.

  • An email summary of important lesson notes and new material.

  • Office Hours: I encourage you to email me if you have any questions about your lesson material before your next lesson. I do my best to answer usually between 12:00-1:00PM Eastern, Monday through Friday.

What You'll Learn

The Early Stages

In the early stages of flamenco guitar, you'll learn a quick, daily warm-up routine, fundamental techniques, and rhythm ("compás") while developing your musicality, memorization, and practice strategies. We'll use music from classical and flamenco composers like Carulli, Giuliani, Sor, Carcassi, Juan Martín, Oscar Herrero, and Manuel Granados. Eventually, we'll tackle work on longer pieces and "falsetas" for beginners like Sevillanas, Rumba, Soleá, Fandangos de Huelva, Tientos. Tangos, and other styles.


At an intermediate level, you'll continue developing your technique, expression, and compás with the same composers above as well as several others. At this level, you'll start exploring more complex and musically rich pieces and falsetas like Soleá (M. Granados), Tempestad-rumba (Juan Martín), Tangos (Moraito), Bulerías (Moraito), and others. 


Once you are at an advanced level your focus will turn mostly to full concert pieces, advanced falsetas, and rhythmic improvisation although we'll certainly continue to improve technique and performance strategies. Pieces at the advanced level include Guajiras (Paco de Lucía), Punta y Tacón (Sabicas), En Mi Soleá (Chicuelo), Farruca (Vicente Amigo), and others. At this level your primary focus will be musical expression, practice strategies, and performance practice.

Performance At All Levels

At all levels, you'll practice performing often. This is necessary to be able to play guitar well. But don't freak out!! Performances won't necessarily be live; most will be done on your recording device for yourself and in our lessons. That said, I strongly encourage live performances as well, which we can discuss and plan in the lessons.

Individual Lessons VS. Packages


Best for busy students who want to schedule lessons as needed.

  • 30 Min = $60

  • 45 Min = $70

  • 60 Min = $80

  • 90 Min = $100


Best for students who want to commit mostly to a weekly schedule.

  • 4-Lesson Packages
     ✔︎ $15 Discount
    • 30-min Lessons: $225

    • 45-min Lessons: $265

    • 60-min Lessons: $305
    • Must be completed within 6 weeks.

  • 8-Lesson Packages
     ✔︎ $40 Discount
    30-min Lessons: $440
     45-min Lessons: $520
     60-min Lessons: $600
    • Must be completed within 11 weeks.

  • 12+ Lesson Packages
     ✔︎ $75 Discount
    • 30-min Lessons: $645

     45-min Lessons: $765
     60-min Lessons: $885
    • Must be completed within 16 weeks.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Diego Alonso


At this point in my career, I've taught over 23,000 individual lessons to students ranging from complete beginners to professional musicians. I've also given lecture-recitals and workshops in over 300 schools and universities in the U.S. and abroad, and have performed more times than I can remember. I am passionate about teaching and look forward to helping you create the most effective path toward your goals as a guitarist and musician.


Martin M. (M.A. Education,  B.A. Jazz Guitar)

"Diego is a fantastic teacher and guitarist. He is generous, patient, encouraging, and effective. Diego has the ability to simplify difficult techniques and break them down in simple terms. He has given me the keys to succeed in this beautiful art form & I wholeheartedly recommend him!"

Start Your Guitar Journey Today!

If you're as excited about flamenco guitar as I am and want to learn how to play well, this is your chance. Don't wait until you're not so busy to get started. In truth, we're always busy, so that time may never happen. Start now and guarantee your progress! 

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