Lectures, Educational Performances & Workshops


Flamenco Music, Dance & History Education

Diego Alonso is an expert in Flamenco history, music, and dance and travels across the country to give lectures, educational performances and workshops on the topic. He holds a M.A. in flamenco pedagogy, musicology & ethnomusicology ("Flamencología") from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) and his masters thesis analyzed and systematized expert practice and performance strategies in flamenco guitar via pedagogical evolution, expert guitarist interviews and testimonials, and scientific research on learning and expertise. He also graduated with highest honors in flamenco guitar performance from the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco (Seville, Spain) where he studied under some of flamenco's most respected master educators and performers. 

Diego Alonso has given over 300 hundred lectures, educational performances and workshops on flamenco music, dance & history since 2002. He has been a guest lecturer in high schools, music schools, universities and educational institutions such as ISA (Sevilla, Spain), University of Chicago, The Instituto Cervantes, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Tennessee, University of South Carolina, Stevenson Academy High School (Illinois), and many others. Diego collaborates with world-class local and international flamenco guitarists, flamenco dancers, flamenco singers and other musicians to offer energetic  educational programs on flamenco.

In addition to lecturing on flamenco, Diego also offers workshops, clinics, and master classes focused on flamenco solo guitar, flamenco dance and singing accompaniment, flamenco harmony and rhythms, flamenco forms and structures, and flamenco guitar technique and musical expression for both flamenco and non-flamenco musicians.  

Flamenco Lectures

  • 50-60 minute lecture on Flamenco History, Evolution, Music & Dance.

  • Music and dance systems & structures, origins, arrangements, evolution, etc.

  • Lectures can be directed to students of musicology, ethnomusicology, classical guitar, percussion, voice, dance, jazz, gender studies, folklore, world-music, and general music.

  • Intersectional Topics (optional): Flamenco & Latin American Music, Traditional and Contemporary Flamenco Harmony, Flamenco + Gender Studies, Flamenco + Race & Ethnicity Studies, Flamenco + Jazz, Flamenco + Classical Music.

  • Online or In person

  • Q&A

Flamenco Educational Performances

  • 50-60 minutes for large and small groups.

  • Educational performances of original and traditional flamenco music & dance excerpts.

  • Flamenco trio, quartet, quintet & sextet.

  • Explanation of flamenco history, music & dance styles, and performance elements.

  • Interactive & bilingual presentation.

  • Online or In person

  • Q&A


Flamenco Workshops, Clinics & Master Classes

  • 50-60 minutes for small & large groups.

  • Brief introduction to flamenco guitar techniques and styles.

  • Hands-on corrections & arrangement of music & dance structures.

  • Emphasis on effective practice strategies, musical expression, technique, dynamics, tone, texture, performance strategies and ensemble skills.

  • Appropriate for classical, jazz & general music students.

  • Online or In person

  • Q&A

Audiences (North America, Central America & South America)

  • Elementary Schools

  • High Schools

  • Universities

  • Music Schools

  • Public & Private Libraries

  • Community Cultural Centers

  • Other Educational Institutions


Technical Details

  • Setup: 20-45 minutes.

  • Takedown: 15-20 minutes.

  • Professional PA/Amplification, Cables, and Microphones provided by artists (Miami only).

  • Small, wooden, dance floor ("tablao") provided upon request for ensemble performances (Miami only).

"Diego is a fantastic teacher and guitarist. He is generous, patient, encouraging and effective. Diego has the ability to simplify difficult technique and break it down in simple terms. Diego has given me the key to succeed in this beautiful and challenging art form. I wholeheartedly recommend him!"

- Martin M. (M.A. Education, B.A. Guitar Performance)