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Diego Alonso has a Masters degree in flamenco education and musicology ("Flamencología") from the Ecola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Barcelona) & graduated with highest honors in flamenco guitar performance from the Fundación Cristina Heeren (Sevilla). He has been teaching, performing and composing flamenco & classical guitar professionally since 2002. Diego has also appeared on ABC, Chicagoing, NBC, NPR, RTVE (Spanish TV station), Actualidad (Spanish Radio), PBS, CBS, and has toured in over 15 countries to perform, compose and teach guitar.



Diego's masters thesis analyzed and systematized expert practice & performance strategies in flamenco guitar via pedagogical evolution, expert guitarist interviews and testimonials, as well as extensive scientific research on learning strategies, neurology, & performance psycholoy.


In addition to his studies in flamenco music, Diego has taken multiple master classes and workshops with concert guitarists including Flavio Rodrigues, Jose Luis de la Paz, and Juan Carmona (flamenco), studied jazz theory and improvisation for 4 years with David Bloom & John Moulder, and studied classical guitar for 4 years with Peter Aglinskas (Loyola U. Chicago) & privately with Denis Azabagic.



Diego has been composing, performing, and teaching across the globe since 2002 and has composed and shared the stage with a long list of prominent musicians from all genres of music including Miguel Vargas (flamenco dance), Kinan Abou-Afach (cello and composition), Ale el Cano (flamenco voice), Rocío Márquez (flamenco voice), Ronnie Malley (oud and vocals), Victor Garcia (jazz trumpet), Alberto Sellés (flamenco dance), Fulcrum Point New Music Project (contemporary classical) and many others. As an educator, Diego has taught over 20,000 private guitar lessons and has given over 300 hundred lectures, educational performances, workshops and clinics on flamenco music, dance & history since 2002.

Diego performs as a soloist and in small and large ensembles for private and public events including educational programs, recitals, fairs, festivals, house concerts, music clubs, public concerts, recording studios, school assemblies, theaters, universities, and more. Diego Alonso plays both a Richard Bruné and a Marshall Bruné custom flamenco-classical guitars and uses a Visesnut and Karura flight case.


Member: ACM (American Composers Forum), ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), CMS (The College Music Society). 

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